AC VS DC Welding

AC VS DC Welding

Alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) is something very important for blacksmiths who must know to perfect themselves. Blacksmithing is an art that consists of joining metallic pieces with different forms of soldiers, get to know them. Both welds are good, but one creates a cleaner job and the other a safer job, know how to identify them.

The experts in blacksmithing already know the technique to carry out their work correctly, now it is time for you to inform yourself. These types of welding use the same electricity; their only difference is the speed with which they melt the electrode. An electrode is a fundamental tool in welding; without it, its metal parts cannot be joined.

Admire the efficiency of a safe weld that will bring you many benefits for your life, mainly the duration of the union between pieces. Opt for a clean weld to deliver efficient work with a great presentation. The welding decision falls on your hands and the welding machine at your fingertips.

With welding in each of its types, you will be able to do very impressive things; it will solve many problems. Start welding today, and don’t stop until you make the most structures, iron tables, dog cages, etc. The list of things you can do is endless. You just need to find out about the different types of welds.

Each weld follows some basic rules where the type of electrode and polarity used to enter. Do not confuse AC with DC and have the advantages that each one has at hand. Get to know the subject completely and demonstrate your knowledge by doing a clean and very stable job.

You can all weld just by needing a machine, electrodes, and very stable light that does not interfere with your work. If you are starting from scratch on this wonderful job, then it is time for you to know some welding stuff.

What is Welding?

Welding is the union or fixing of two pieces of metal or thermoplastic materials that are fixed at high temperatures. The welding bonding process comes from the electrode casting exposed to large shocks of electricity. Welding is confused with boiler making, both work with iron but in different ways.

The process of welding things is achieved with a specialized machine that will melt the electrode in the two materials to be joined. It is a dangerous job but necessary for society since thousands of things are built with iron or resistant metals. People who work in the trade are known as “welders” or “blacksmiths” who specialize in building various things.

There are two types of weld: a strong bond that will weld at more than 900 degrees and soft bond to weld at less than 900 degrees. These works are carried out in an industrial or personal area that does not affect the lives of outsiders. The people in charge of the work withstand high temperatures and radiation from the ultraviolet light to which they are exposed.

Welding usually has an electrical source, but you will also see the following welding power supplies:

  • SAW Welding

The power source for this type of weld is atomic hydrogen, bolt arc, electro slag, or carbon to bond both metals. It is a very dangerous type of welding and is used regularly in large machinery industries.

  • GTAW Welding

Gas welding works by the union of the semi-inert gas and the inert gas, making a clean union and without negative effects on the environment. The solder reaches 3100 degrees Celsius and is very good for joining jewelry, tubes, large and small materials. Unlike other types of welding, gas works with a “torch” to work.

What is AC Welding?

The welding by alternating current or (AC) is one of the most used when giving joints with a high degree of resistance. Much of the work with AC welding machines have a very long quality of life. This weld works by causing the electricity it receives to alternate and melt the electrode for various times.

With AC welding, you do not work constantly; the junction points are sloppy but very resistant to withstand heavyweights. The current is variable and goes from negative to positive with each pause made by the worker and therefore sends different results. AC welding machines are very affordable and can be easily found in any construction area.

The use of AC welding is varied and offers great results, very useful for joining large objects. Great AC welders do a good job, and the degree of irregularity is low, but this is gained from experience. Learn what type of soldier an AC is and how useful it is for beginners in the trade.

The energy emitted by the alternating current is variable and goes from 50 to 60 hertz, depending on the electricity you have. To weld correctly in AC, you must place a clamp that will serve as “ground” for the piece to be joined and another next to the electrode. The load is 50% distributed on both sides, facilitating the bonding process between the two thermoplastic materials.

Use ac vs. dc welding to join thick or hard materials to increase durability quality. In thin profiles or joints, AC welding is not efficient, so use DC. Be careful doing your job because these machines are very dangerous, and bad use will break the union.

What is DC Welding?

DC or DC welding machines are very good because they do a cleaner bonding job. They operate on a fluid current that can be changed or positive or negative as required. It is a very smooth type of welding that only requires precision to make perfect lines at the joint.

The electric arc is stable, and therefore, your welding work will be done faster, and without so many molten electrode splashes. I welded small or medium-sized objects with incredible speed and left a perfect union between both metals. Negative DC is useful for joining thin objects, and positive DC is good for penetrating steel and making a strong joint.

To weld with DC, you must place a clamp on the object to be joined that will serve as a “ground line.” It has another clamp or grip for the electrode; the DC heats the object to be welded more than the electrode itself. With the function of heating the area that will weld the union between both thermoplastic materials is perfect and very clean.

The DC welding machine can give you sturdy finishes but not as much as AC welding. It will freely switch from positive to negative current so that the electrode heats up more than the object and produces a stronger bond. The weld will not be as clean or aesthetically pleasing but will meet the goal of joining a part for years.

As you can see, the difference in AC versus DC is simple; one heats the electrode more than the other. The two welding machines consume the same energy, but AC is more frequent in producing light shorts in the working process. The DC welding machine is priced higher than the AC, but it’s worth it for a cleaner job.

AC Vs DC Welding

Find out the difference between AC vs DC welding through the advantages and disadvantages that each one gives:

Pros and Cons of AC Welding Machine:


  • Affordable price.
  • High-temperature welding
  • Une great variety of heavy objects
  • Resistente Strong bond
  • Useful for beginners at work.
  • It joins materials such as aluminum


  • Very thick weld
  • Leaves traces of molten electrode throughout the work area
  • Misuse can trigger a light flow

Pros and Cons of DC Welding Machine:


  • Cleaner joints on large and small objects.
  • Polarity changes as required
  • Constante Constant current, which will save you time.
  • Strong in carbon.
  • Joins thick and thin metals.
  • The weld is made of stainless steel.


  • Very high purchase price
  • The welding lasts a short time.
  • It does not work to join large objects.

Both types of welding are good but require some conditions, mainly the materials to be joined. If you are a beginner at work, it is best to practice with an AC welding machine to learn faster. The DC machine is used by blacksmiths or welders with years of experience, although they keep an AC machine to reinforce.

It is a hard decision between both types of welding, but the idea is to use both for different joints. Do not think about duration or aesthetic beauty, and just keep in mind to do a good job; this also depends on the welder. You may have the best welding machine, but if you don’t have good precision, the work will be worthless, practice very hard.

Remember to use all welding tools, from face shields to gloves, to prevent accidents at work.


Before deciding what type of machine you want to buy due to the level of work it will give you, you have to find out everything. Without a doubt, the two welds are good and help to join pieces of different shapes, sizes, and types of materials. The price of both machines varies, but that is not important when knowing the incredible results that you will get using it.

If you’ve already decided on AC over DC or vice versa, then it’s time to practice or polish your welder job then pick some best welding helmet. Remember to do things very carefully so as not to suffer from future problems. As a welder, you should wear protective instruments such as leather gloves, aprons, steel-toed shoes, a welding mask, and goggles.

Do not expose yourself directly to the ultraviolet light emitted by the cast electrode as you will suffer from vision problems. Vision problems will make you feel fatigued and take days off from work. Use the helmet for welding, and do not take it off until the job is done, protect your life and visibility.

If you are a person who begins this wonderful job, start with the basics, and gain experience. There are tools such as emery, wire brush, sandpaper, levels, pliers, among others, that will help you throughout your work. AC vs DC differences are available; it is the choice of each person to take the most useful of both.

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