AHP AlphaTIG 200X Review

Welding machines are really necessary tools in any respectable home. The skill, execution, and result of a given project will always be related to selecting the welder that the individual in question wanted to buy.

There are great varieties of brands that present their welders to the public in the market to be chosen. However, across different research and testing types, the AHP Alphatig 200x welder’s competence is indisputable.

AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp Welder Review

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The AHP Alpha TIG 200x has become the most recognized, requested, and desired machine by millions of consumers worldwide. It can be used both in homes, through private, amateur, and family consumption, as well as by professionals in the area of ​​welding.

Considering the incredible attributes that the welder, it can be used in metal and aluminum materials, if they present problems.


Finding an efficient welder and truly capable of working when its owner requires it, is a basic requirement when buying a model. It is relevant to mention that the welding machine contains great attributes that make it an incredible purchase option for individuals who want to fix or create new instruments in their homes.

The 200x welder, being one of the most innovative machines to emerge from the 201DX, has managed to encompass consumers’ full attention. One of the essential considerations that make this everyone’s favorite has to do with the enhancements it achieves.

This model’s advantages are specified in the weight, size, and ease of use compared to the 201DX. This has perfected every aspect of its design and functionality, which its predecessor does not ideally expose.


One of the most important priorities that people take into account, when they want to acquire a particular welder, has to do with the capabilities that it exhibits. The welding can appear in almost any existing material, due to its accuracy and precision.

AHP Alphatig machines have always been known for the exemplary combinations in their technology, which they know how to flaunt. The welds that present the AHP Alphatig, have their origin to the TIG Welder and Stick welds for greater diversity.

Even the currents that the 200x welder exposes, has managed to impress all its buyers, as they have an adjustable output frequency. Its currents are always AC and DC, to use 110V and 220V inputs that adapt to people’s needs.

Moving this instrument from one location to another is extremely easy, thanks to its lightweight and wireless feature. As a welder, it can be used both by professionals in their work areas and by family members who want to learn.


Before anyone considers purchasing an AHP Alphatig 200x, they must know all the characteristics or peculiarities that differentiate it from the different machines. Both the 110V / 220V input voltage, and the AC / DC capacity, are part of the unique structure of the it.

On the other hand, its dimensions correspond to 22 ” x 20 ” x 9 ”, perfect for a beginner or expert to handle it. The type of process and technology that the AHP Alphatig 200x occupies are Stick and TIG. Its weight is also approximately between 50 to 69 pounds, to avoid unnecessary efforts on its buyers.

All those who wish to achieve a smooth finish, need to buy particular it, as it is perfect for working and welding properly.

Its most important characteristics, in addition to those mentioned above, are:


Thanks to the peculiarity, being an inert gas tungsten welder, it works in an exemplary way. It can be used on almost any surface, including aluminum, stainless steel, thin gauge materials, and alloyed steel.

The results that the 200x exposes are admirable, because no matter the material where it was used, it will always show impeccable finishes. It can be used as a rod welder, without any problem.

it is not so difficult to understand how to use it, but it is advisable to read its manual before venturing to weld when you are a beginner. The only essential step to start welding with the 200x is to press the button on its front panel.


it’s soldering iron is considered truly versatile, as it is ideal for work within a serious office, at home, or outdoors. To be a perfect instrument, the 200x doesn’t just include TIG welding to impress your buyers.

Being a stick welder demonstrates a smooth arc, and tiny little spatter, to please people. You can adjust your welds to any material.

Design and Construction:

Although the design featured is not all that appealing or beautiful, the comfort it exhibits supports its lack of aesthetics. This was not intended for great physical attributes, as it conforms to a basic and ordinary design.

The shape is rectangular, to maintain its height. Its construction was carried out so that its owners can count on their work for a long time. It is made of strong plastic and different types of metal parts.


it is a welding machine, weighing enough to be loaded by one person and an easy to find a plug. Its main power supply is an extremely simple and common plug, such as 110V plugs.


An indisputable advantage that provides is the simple way it has so that people can move them. Its weight is specifically 50 pounds, which manages to be light enough so that its owners can carry it with ease.

It also a 110V machine, making it easy to handle and transport to different sites, with minimal effort.


The welding machine is one of the most accessible and economical on the market. Although it adapts to all the needs of people and can exceed its final payments, it is characterized by economizing its prices.

Although it has a recommended cost of US $ 800.00, interested individuals may purchase it for as little as the US $ 720.00. However, the offers are also important, and therefore, can constitute up to 10% of the said price.

The exclusive model contains a guarantee of approximately three years, from the moment it was purchased.

Advantages of the AHP Welder

When the people of the world are inexperienced in purchasing AHP items, they wonder what kind of benefits they can get. AHP is frequently innovating in the market, with its different welding models, to satisfy its customers’ needs, and for this reason, it has become very popular.

Thanks to its incredible common and exclusive characteristics within its machines, it has created an impeccable reputation that never ceases to amaze.

Among its different advantages that it exposes within its welders, you can find:

Press Control:

Until now, pulse control has never been lacking within an AHP machine, and this not only helps with working with thin metals but with many others. Being able to activate this highly recommended function is as simple as using the pedal or the torch button. The AHP welder configuration is also arranged to use pulse control.

Heat Control:

People who want to get the right heat control and have precision in the amounts of temperatures must buy an AHP welder when they are welding. The machines presented by the AHP Company have stood out for the corresponding innovations to adapt to the heat controls.

It offers exemplary amperage control and ensures precise temperature ranges for individuals to achieve flawless jobs.

Better Results:

The final results are the only reason that a person could wish to acquire an excellent welder. The AHP Company is capable of displaying indisputably efficient machines, of providing great and positive results.

It does not matter what type of material will be used for welding, as the AHP models adapt to most requirements. Its pulse function has also contributed to such favorable outcomes. An AHP model can also measure the amounts of metal it contributes to the final job.


Fortunately, the welder models exhibited by the AHP Company have incorporated vibration functions, to cover all possible needs. Customers who have been able to purchase any of these know that the vibration function benefits them in many ways.

Using the vibration function that AHP machines present, those involved will manage the workspace, more effectively. This benefit for people who need a welder’s functions inside their home or simply narrow rooms is indispensable.

Advanced Inverter Technology:

Advanced inverter technology is a very important feature within AHP’s machines, as they not only complement their welders and improve their performance.

This type of technology, which goes by the advanced inverter’s name, is used within AHP machines for many reasons. The most important argument that AHP has is saving the energy used in its welders since it minimizes what the average machines use.

The welder with IGBT and PWM technology can deliver a continuous power output, approximately 210A, to complete its advantages.

PWM $ IGBT Technology:

When people who want an effective welder, consider those presented by AHP, they know that investing their money in these types of acquisitions is their best decision. PWM and IGBT technology are always part of all AHP machines and perfect the welding point until displayed impeccably.

The kind of power that PWM and IGBT technology uses is contained in the machine, to deliver its constant power output, and to satisfy the expectations of its owners.

Disadvantages AHP AlphaTIG

Fortunately, this model is one of the best and most reliable on the market, reaching great sales within the community in general. Despite being a great personal investment, it contains small disadvantages that cannot pass for something, when purchased.

One of the most important and significant drawbacks marks a decisive point in deciding to buy or not, which has to do with how difficult its installations are. Most of the time, people have to hire others to take care of this process, causing more expense when drawing the final bill.

This terrible expense becomes uncomfortable since people when buying it expects to be the ones who carry out the installation.

Another negative point is undoubtedly the accessories’ inconspicuousness since they are not precisely calibrated. Its manual is also very difficult to understand, which complicates the device’s use if the person initially chooses to read it.

The display screen is a bit misleading because the amperage, which is important within the welds’ execution, does not show them properly. This shows that the amperes often come with correctable factory errors within a similar space and time.


[wpsm_box type=”dashed_border” float=”none” text_align=”undefined”]In conclusion, people can find great value and functionality in the AHP Alphatig 200x welder to meet all their demands and needs with ease. It is not only exposed great prices, but it knows how to display ease of handling and incredible power.

The machine is ideal when its private owner aspires to handle different materials because it adapts to the requirements. It provides absolute control through the different welding processes since its capacity corresponds to the coated electrode.

Although it may have some disadvantages, there is no doubt that its great features outshine the previous ones. It has a great internal system that allows everyone who uses them to have an unimaginable experience.[/wpsm_box]

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