How To Choose The Best Flux Core Wire Between .035 Vs .030

How To Choose The Best Flux Core Wire Between .035 Vs .030

Today many users compare 030 vs 035 flux core wire. So if you are a beginner user and you are at the beginning of welding here you will be able to make the best decision. Each of these flux cored wires is used specifically for different air jordan mens shoes cheap sex toys nfl super bowl nike air max excee womens nike air max 270 best wig shop near me sex toys for beginners baltimore ravens nike air max 270 couples sex toys custom basketball jersey nike air jordan mens nike air max new nike air max 2023 custom baseball jersey

So knowing the exact difference between each of them will allow you to choose the most appropriate one. Below are the main differences and the best benefits of each flux-cored wire. We have also analyzed the best options available in the market. In a few steps, you will have the best flux-cored wire for professional-level results.

What is a Flux Core Wire?

In particular, it is a flux-cored wire that does not require external shielding gas in every application. As the flux in the wire burns, the gas needed for the soldering is generated to provide good results. Therefore, choosing this type of wire allows a faster and easier result.

Some Benefits of Using Flux Core Wire

  • Deposition rates are higher
  • Sidewall penetration is efficient
  • No protective gas required
  • Efficient in indoor and outdoor applications
  • Less time needed for any task

Differences Between the .030 and the .035 Flux Core Wire

  • Using the 035 electrodes requires a much higher amperage compared to the 030
  • 035 can be used with metal sheets thicker than 030
  • 035 flux-cored wire burns at a higher temperature than 030
  • Especially the 035 flux-cored wire is more expensive than the 030

Flux Core Wire Size Chart

Wire SizeVoltsAmpsShielding Gas
TIG.03510-1250-70100% Argon
Wire Size VoltsAmpsShielding Gas
MIG Spray Transfer.03028-32165-20098% Argon + 2% O2
.03528-32165-20075% Argon + 25% CO2
Wire Size VoltsAmpsShielding Gas
MIG Short Circuit
.03022-25100-140100% CO2
.03522-25100-14075% Argon + 25% CO2

Flux Core Wire – Comparison Table

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Best .030 Flux Core Wire Review

1. Forney 42300

Everyone who works with weld needs high-quality materials. Therefore, this wire can be very useful in your next job. It is a 2-pound spool with a diameter of 0.30. In principle, it is one of the best options available to you today. That is why we must mention the best features.

Excellent functionality

In principle, it is necessary to consider that it is a MIG type welding wire. In this case, a flux core for all positions has been included for mild steel. So, it is a self-protected wire and can be adapted to a large number of applications. This is why it is one of the most popular options of these times.

Especially you will have the possibility to use this wire on a lot of painted, dirty and rusty surfaces. At the same time, no protective gas is required so the use of this wire is easier than other options. Here the high speed of movement makes the task easier for a professional welder or someone who is just starting.

High speed

As we have mentioned, you will only need one pass for any type of surface or application. Compared to solid wires this wire works hotter for a more durable application. You will have a 2-pound package or 907 grams of wire. So this could be more than enough for a lot of applications or projects.

Also, the 762 mm diameter is at an average level compared to the options available today. You should not suffer from the typical splashes that other wires produce. In particular, only a mixture of CO2 and argon is required to reduce this spatter. This is why the spatter produced by this cable is at a moderate and low level.

Ideal for outdoor applications

You do not need shielding gas to use this MIG welding wire. If you have to weld in the open air there will be no problem. On the contrary, using another type of wire can be risky due to the porosity during welding. Therefore, the rest of the options on the market may require a shielding gas. So, in the presence of wind the gas can escape in a very simple way. Besides this excellent advantage, we must mention that the traction resistance is 79,000 PSI. In short, you will be able to do an excellent job without requiring a large budget for it.


  • Ideal for outdoor applications
  • High-speed applications
  • Diameter of 0.30


  • Only 2 pounds of wire
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2. Blue Demon E71T-11

Another excellent option that is available on the market today is this gas-free flux-cored soldering wire. In this case, it is an option that offers excellent quality because manufacturing is in the United States. You will be able to count on almost 5 kilos of optimum quality wire. These 10 pounds will be very useful in your next projects.

Excellent functionality

One of the best characteristics of this wire is that it can be used in a wide variety of projects. In particular, this self-protecting wire can be used to weld carbon steels. Even a large number of objects are made of carbon steel. Therefore, this is a wire that you will need at any time.

We should even note that no protective gas is required to use this wire. Both the diameter and the length of this wire are very appropriate. When using this wire also you will be able to notice a high speed in each application. So it will not take too much time to make a repair or an assembly.

High speed

In this case, you will need only one application to do an excellent job. As we have mentioned you will be able to apply the necessary maintenance and repairs to different pieces of machinery. That is why all the welders decide to count on this wire reel to be always prepared.

So also if it is an assembly welding to obtain good results will not be very difficult. You will be able to use this option in multiple pass welding operations. It is even a wire that is perfect to be used by beginners and advanced welders. So, it is a highly useful 10-pound package.

Efficient in outdoor applications

One of the best advantages of using this option is that it is a perfect wire to use outside. In particular, this is because no protective gas is required when using this wire. Otherwise, the wind could allow the wire to be released incorrectly. Finally, we must consider that the relation between cost and benefit is more than balanced. You should not spend so much money to obtain almost 5 kilos of product. So, welders who work frequently will be able to save some money with this large package.


  • 10 pounds of wire
  • Efficient to repair machinery parts
  • No protective gas required


  • Not very useful for occasional welders

Best .035 Flux Core Wire Review

1. Blue Demon 308LFC-O

For all those welders who wish to have a larger diameter wire, they can choose this wire reel. In particular, this is a gas-free welding wire reel. This wire with a stainless steel flux-core can offer excellent results from the first application. Therefore, it is worth analyzing the best characteristics of this option.

High-quality results

From the first pass, you will notice that this stainless steel wire is one of the most chosen by many welders. You will be able to weld all 300 series stainless steel up to and including 308L. You will notice that a lot of products and machinery are made with this type of steel specifically.

You will even have the possibility of welding 430 stainless steel. In particular, this is not the only good feature you will find with this option. So it is a fitting that has been manufactured in the United States. This particular feature is what gives you the confidence to make welders choose this wire spool.

Excellent speed

Another efficient feature of using this wire is that it requires very little working time. Therefore it is one of the best options for professional welders. However, this wire spool is one of the most appropriate for beginner welders. Using this option will be very simple from the first moment.

Together with it, you will have the possibility of applying excellent maintenance to different machines and objects. Another positive aspect in this case is that no protective gas is required. So this is an advantage that can make your next job even easier.

Efficient outside

Since you do not need to make a shield then using this wire in outdoor environments will be very easy. Even using protective gas is inconvenient in the presence of wind. So, any type of welding will not have to deal with this inconvenience. In this case, you will be able to obtain 1.1 pounds of wire. So, it may be more than enough for beginners or occasional welders. In this sense, you should not spend a large amount of money to do some welding. In other words, the cost-benefit ratio will allow you to save money when performing repairs or maintenance.


  • No protective gas required
  • Ideal for stainless steel from 300 to 308 L
  • Useful for 430 stainless steel


  • Only 1.1 pounds of content
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2. Lincoln Electric CO ED016354

Last but not least, another high-quality option with a diameter of .035 is this MIG welding wire. In particular, it is a mild steel flux cored wire spool. This is a spool that can provide 10.20 pounds of excellent material.

Appropriate results

In particular, this MIG welding wire is one of the most sought after by a large number of users. So among the applications are robotics, propane cylinders, thin gauge metal, foils, or copper backing. All this can be done with the same welding wire reel.

As if that were not enough, this option can be very useful for plate thicknesses in the range of 7.9 mm to 12.7 mm. Especially this range of use can cover a large number of applications as we have mentioned. The tensile strength is 70 PSI, so working with this wire will be very easy and fast.

Excellent speed

If you need a multi-pass cable, this wire spool may be the best option. In particular, you will notice that the speed of operation is more than appropriate. This is why it is one of the best options for beginners or professional users to use.

Versatile operation

Last but not least, this .035 inch wire reel is one of the most sought after for various applications. You will not encounter any inconvenience if you need to apply maintenance or repairs in outdoor environments.

Even the cost-benefit ratio will allow you to get great advantages at an appropriate cost. That is why it is one of the most popular options of these times. Whether you are an experienced user or a novice welder, you will certainly need this wire.


  • 10-pound wire spool
  • Efficient for many applications
  • MIG welding wire


  • Plate thickness from 7.9 mm to 12.7 mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which One Should You Pick?

When you only need to weld thin metals with little thickness the best option is the .030. In this sense, you will need less money and be able to work faster.
On the other hand, thicker metals can be penetrated better with .035 flux-cored wire. In this case, the wire burns hotter and the result is more appropriate.

Tips in Using Flux Core Wire

  • Avoiding cable power problems
  • Stop tracking worms and porosity that weaken weld integrity
  • Eliminate dross inclusions, which are trapped inside the weld
  • Avoiding non-melting and undermining
  • Avoiding a lack of penetration or excessive penetration

Conclusion Here we have purchased 030 Vs 035 Flux Core Wire so you can make the best decision. Any of these options can be the most efficient for different applications. Whether you want to apply maintenance or repair, now you can choose the right wire for it.

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