Best TIG Welders – Top 10 Picks

Best TIG Welders – Top 10 Picks

Best TIG welders are welding machines used to join metals (mostly Aluminum and Aluminum alloys) by heating them with an arc between a non-consumable tungsten electrode and the workpiece.

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding is technically called Gas Tungsten arc Welding (GTAW). The process is carried out along a shielding gas, usually argon or helium, and filler metal. However, some procedures don’t require the use of filler metal. These weld processes are done autogenously.

TIG welding’s primary variables are welding current, shielding gas composition, motion speed, and arc voltage.

Many TIG welders use AC and DC power sources to work. These welders have a wide amperage range (some up to 250 Amps). However, the amount of power (amperes) delivered for welding depends on the power source’s electric voltage.

Tungsten Inert gas (TIG) welders work with a wide range of metals including Aluminum, copper, nickel, titanium, mild steel, and magnesium. Also, welding in any position makes it excellent for highly precise industries like pipes, vessels, and aerospace industries.

It is versatile and can be used to achieve cleaner and more appealing joints. It is the best welder for fragile materials (for a wide range of metals) and uses non-consumable electrodes. Besides, it is easy to set up and use and shows minimum flames or sparks. However, it is also time-consuming, expensive, and requires some degree of professional expertise.

10 Best TIG Welders Reviews 2021

There are many T.I.G welders in the welders’ market. However, this guide will show the best TIG welders in 2021.

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1) Forney 324 MIG/Stick/TIG 3-in-one 190-Amp Welder

Forney 324 MIG/Stick/TIG 3-in-one 190-Amp Welder

Forney 324 3-In-One Multi-process Welder is a top-performing versatile welder use to perform MIG (GMAW), Stick (SMAW), and TIG (GTAW) processes. However, it doesn’t come with the TIG setup. The TIG torch and foot pedal are sold separately and purchased from the manufacturer. It comes with an adapter plug and uses 220/120 input volts to deliver a maximum of 190 amps maximum efficiency. It is durable and made with heat-resistant metal. It is also easy to carry from one work location to another and weighs about 43 lbs. It can also perform Flux-Core welding (FCAW) and can conveniently weld 3/16-Inch steel in a single phase 140 Amps.

Forney 324 3-In-One Multi-process is very easy to use and control. It is easy to start, and it comes with a three-position switch that allows you to switch from one welding style to another quickly. It also features a digital readout, multiple trigger modes, and an easy-to-comprehend user starter guide. It also has a flow meter to regulate the gas supply and ensure that you move at a convenient speed. It comes with a novel power-saving inverter technology.


Weight43 lbs
Maximum Power Output190 Amps
Input Voltage120/240 Volts
Welding ModesDC CC/CV
Product Dimensions19” x 9.5” x 16.5”

Included Components

Torch, Ground cable and clamp, Stick Electrode, Power Cable, Gas Hose, and Regulator.

It also comes with a long MIG gun and power cord, and a cast aluminium drive system with geared drive rolls and idler. It can accommodate both 4-Inches and 8-Inches spools, and run with wires and electrodes of different diameters.


  • Easy to use
  • Improved design
  • Versatile
  • Enhanced technology
  • More space
  • Reliable technology


  • Partial warranty package
  • Does not come with a TIG setup
  • On/Off switch behind

Forney 324 3-In-One Multi-process is excellent for light industrial applications and other areas like agriculture, manufacturing, and do-it-yourself welding processes. It is highly versatile and can be sued for MIG, Stick, and TIG welding processes.



SUNGOLDPOWER TIG-200 Inverter Welder is another top-notch multi-process 200-Amp TIG welder that comes with advanced technology and great features. It is ideal for high-frequency DC TIG and MMA welding, and it is suitable for working on different type’s metals, including steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, copper, brass, and bronze. However, it is not suitable for aluminium welding works. TIG-200 Inverter Welder material consists of lightweight ceramic materials that make an ergonomic welder for professional and personal use. 

TIG-200 Inverter Welder can work at 110V. However, it works best at 220V and can give a maximum power of 200-Amp, especially for TIG welding. It has automatic compensation for voltage compensation, and work efficiently under periodic voltage fluctuations. It also has over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, and over-load protection features for safety and longevity. It has a high-frequency service that guarantees a start-up at 100% and improves the welder’s tungsten life.


Weight22 lbs
Maximum Power Output180 Amps (MMA), 200 Amp (TIG)
Input Voltage110/220 Volts
Welding ModesTIG/MMA
Product Dimensions13.7” x 5.5” x 10.5”
Efficiency85/Power Factor: 0.93

It comes with an accurate LED display that shows the working amperage. It also has a simple On/Off Switch and control knob that makes it easy to use and control. It also comes with a fan cooling system that also improves the welder’s overall performance and lifespan.


  • Inverter welder system
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • High-Frequency Start
  • LED Amperage Display
  • Fan cooling system
  • Cost-effective


  • The TIG torch is not too reliable especially for a novice
  • Amperage is unstable

SUNGOLDPOWER TIG-200 Inverter Welder is perfect for industrial quality materials, maintenance jobs, and custom fabrication jobs. It is also durable and goes for a high price. Overall, SUNGOLDPOWER TIG-200 is an excellent buy for any welder.

3) AHP AlphaTIG 200X Welder

AHP Alpha-TIG 200X Welder is one of the latest welding machines from AHP Welding Systems. It is a robust and reliable AC/DC TIG welder that can also be used for Stick welding. It is versatile and allows both hobbyists and amateur welders to carry out a wide range of different welding processes on different kinds of materials. It comes with an advanced inverter technology that is marked by a power width modulator that makes it an efficient and long-lasting power source. It is capable of delivering up to 150 Amps with 110V. It can also work efficiently with a high-performance outcome at 220V.

AHP Alpha-TIG 200X Welder is ideal for quality TIG welding on stainless steel, steel, Aluminum, and other thinner-gauge materials. It features a points-type high-frequency start (HF-Start TIG), and it comes with a foot pedal for efficient TIG welding operation and control. It also has other features like pulse settings, fully adjustable AC frequency and AC balance settings, etching width, arc cone properties, and other start options, which improve the tungsten life.


Weight67 lbs
Maximum Power Output200 Amps
Input Voltage110/220 Volts
Pulse Frequency5-200
Pulse Time10-90%
Product Dimensions19” x 23” x 12”
MaterialStainless steel

It also comes with adjustable knobs and LED readout display for different settings that make it easy to use. It also comes with a foot pedal, flow meter, hose, ground clamp, and torch head. It is made of steel, which makes it quite heavy and sturdy for heavy-duty welding purposes.


  • Best budget welder
  • Easy to use, control and manipulate
  • AC/DC input
  • Replaceable parts are cheap
  • Well packaged
  • Great value for money
  • Highly recommended


  • The Flowmeter gauge is not 100% accurate
  • Knobs don’t align perfectly with indicator markings

AHP Alpha-TIG 200X Welder is a top-performing welder. It has high work efficiency and offers more value than its cost price. It is the best aluminium TIG welder in these reviews. Highly recommended welder.

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4) Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD ACDC Welder

WeldPro Digital TIG 200GD AC/DC Welder is the latest TIG welder on the block. It is designed with digital features and equipped with different TIF welding functions that are only found on more expensive machines. It comes is ergonomically designed with advanced inverter technology and an IGBT circuit that makes it lightweight and compact. The PWM inverter technology and IGBT circuit also offers the users a wide range of settings for each specific weld and improves work efficiency by about 30%.  

WeldPro Digital TIG 200GD welder is capable of welding with either AC or DC. It can be used for welding stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, and other metals (DC welding), and could also be used to work on aluminium and aluminium alloys (AC welding). It has a maximum amperage of 200 Amps and has a DC duty cycle of 40% (DC TIG) and AC duty cycle of 60% (AC TIG) at full amperage. In addition to these, it also has a reliable MMA/Stick welder.


StyleCK torch-2020
Maximum Power Output200 Amps
Input Voltage110/220 Volts

This AC/DC TIG Welder also uses High-Frequency technology, excellent arc force, and a wide range of balance control for aluminum cleaning. It also has other model features like 2T-4T touch control, upslope, downslope, start amps, end amps, AC balance, pulse, and an innovative foot pedal that allows users to change their amperage without readjusting the foot pedal.


  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective 
  • Amazing Tech Features
  • Sturdy foot pedal
  • Comes with an argon regulator


  • Only HF start
  • Heavy torch

WeldPro Digital TIG 200GD welder is an excellent addition to any workstation, and it has a wide range of applications. It is sturdy, durable, and versatile.

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5) Lotos TIG200ACDC 200A Aluminum Tig Welder

Lotos TIG 200A AC/DC Aluminum TIG Welder is a 200 Amps, AC/DC square-wave inverter TIG/Stick (MMA) welder that is suitable to cut, weld, and build with stainless steel, mild steel, Aluminum, and other metals. 

It can be used to work on elegant Aluminum and steel metals measuring 3/8-Inch. It comes with an automatic dual voltage (220V/110V) and dual-frequency (50Hz/60Hz) feature that allows the machine to run directly on either 220v 50/60Hz or 110V 50/60Hz using a simple pigtail. 

It is lightweight, compact, and offers welders a simple array of controls to set the welder for the different welding processes and work applications. It also comes with the High-Frequency Start hand torch control and a precise foot pedal that allows users to control heat. It also has an advanced cooling system that ensures that the plasma cutter is stable, durable, and top-performing.


Weight58 pounds
Maximum Power Output200 Amps
Input Voltage110/220 Volts (Dual Voltage)
Product Dimensions28” x 13” x 17”
MaterialStainless steel
Power Efficiency80%

It comes with a TIG torch, MMA/Stick clamp, foot pedal, argon regulator, voltage pigtail converter, ground clamp, other consumables and accessories, and an easy-to-read user manual. It also features a remarkable adjustable hot striking arc current, which gives an efficient arc-starting function.


  • Highly versatile
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Dual voltage, dual frequency
  • Easy to control
  • Durable 
  • Cost-effective
  • 3-years warranty


  • European Style TIG torch
  • No significant difference across both voltage range

Lotos TIG 200A AC/DC Aluminum TIG Welder is a perfect multipurpose welder for both professionals and hobbyist who needs something affordable with industrial quality.

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6) Eastwood TIG 200 Mild Steel Weld

Eastwood TIG 200 Mild Steel Weld

Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC 20565 Welder is another top-performing welder for professional-quality TIG welding on Aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, and other thinner gauge materials and metals. It is a versatile welder fitted with industrial TIG and DIY features for both expert welders and hobbyists. It comes with a 120V/240V voltage adapter plug and can work well on 110VAC, 15 Amps circuit, or 220VAC 30 Amps circuit. 

Eastwood 20565 Welder also has a high-frequency start (HF-Start) feature that allows the user to have maximum arc control over their welding task. It also comes with a modern square-wave inverter that makes it excellent for fine aluminium welding. It could even weld thin gauge materials up to ¼ Inches on 220VAC. It is also used for AC/DC Stick (MMA) welding.


Weight45 lbs
Maximum Power Output200 Amps
Minimum Power Output10 Amps
Input Voltage110/220 Volts
Product Dimensions19.1” x 9.8” x 20”
Power Efficiency80%

This welding machine also features a WP-17-Type sleek torch that can accommodate a 1/8-Inch electrode. It offers users a wide array of different controls that will help you select the best welding mode for your task. The control panel is also easy to read and easy to use. 


  • Versatile welder
  • Cooling fan work throughout
  • Perfect for industrial and DIY function
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to set up


  • Longevity is not assured
  • Chinese product

Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC 20565 Welder is sturdy, reliable, efficient, and durable.

7) Lincoln Electric K5126-1 Welder

Lincoln Electric K5126-1 TIG Welder is another top-notch multipurpose welder on our list. The most fantastic feature of this welder is its portability. It is very compact, lightweight, and portable and can be moved easily from one place to another. It has a sturdy rubber handle for carrying and is perfect for welding newbie and DIY welding tasks.

It is an excellent TIG machine for aluminum welding. It features the superior Square-Wave inverter technology for efficient aluminum welding. It also comes with adjustable AC Frequency Control and AC Balance for tighter or wider aluminum beads and cleaning action, respectively. It also uses one power source to power both the TIG and Stick welding processes. It has a user-friendly interface that features an LCD and many other control knobs that make it easy to use and control.


Weight46 lbs
Maximum Power Output200 Amps
Minimum Power Output10 Amps
Input Voltage110/220 Volts
Product Dimensions14” x 10.75” x 19.25”
AC Frequency60-150 Hz

Lincoln Electric K5126-1 TIG Welder also comes with PTA-17 TIG torch, foot pedal, gas regulator flow meter, ground clamp, and input voltage cable. 


  • Easy to carry to any place
  • Use multiple power source
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Has advanced features
  • TIG and Stick welding uses one power source


  • Not reliable for commercial welding

Lincoln Electric K5126-1 TIG Welder is the ideal welder for hobbyists, small fabricators, and new craftsmen. It allows them to explore their creativity, grow their technical skills, and expand their overall expertise. It is effortless to use for everyone and comes with many advanced features and technological functionalities that leave any user with maximum fulfillment. Do you need something to begin your welding career with? Lincoln Electric K5126-1 TIG Welder is what you need.

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8) Everlast Power TIG 255 Welder

EverLast Power TIG 255 Welder is a reliable welding machine with state-of-art features that will take your TIG welding experience to the next level. It is a best-budget welder that is designed to deliver exceptional power and excellent welding performance. It is a modern inverter-based welder that features two “Easy Start-Up” modes for added functionality. It operates on 120V or 240V and has a wide amperage range reaching up to 250 Amps. 

It is a perfect welder for handling TIG aluminum and aluminum alloy welding. However, it has excellent features such as fully adjustable arc force control for Stick welding, including E6010 and E7018 welding processes. It also features an advanced AC Pulse mode that improves penetration when working on thicker metals and prevents burning when working on thinner materials. It has a user-friendly interface featuring an LCD and a few control knobs for quick settings, adjustment, and functions-selection.

Weight67 lbs
Maximum Power Output250 Amps
Minimum Power Output3 Amps
Input Voltage120/240 Volts
Product Dimensions24” x 9” x 17”
MaterialStainless steel

EverLast Power TIG 255 Welder also has a spot timer feature that allows the operator to make perfect spot weld when tacking up or welding a sheet material consistently. It is also has a purge button that will enable users to purge the gas without initiating arc flow.


  • Easy to set up and use for both beginners and advanced users
  • Has HF Start
  • Has memory (you can save your settings)
  • Novel spot timer
  • Non-stop cooling fan
  • Uses air and water-cooled torches
  • Durable, reliable, and affordable


  • Fan too noisy

EverLast Power TIG 255 Welder is an excellent addition to existing workstations and an ideal machine for starter-welders. It is carefully designed and equipped with amazing features and tech functions for maximum work efficiency and productivity. It is very durable and easy to repair or troubleshoot. It is green, compact, and robust for industrial, agricultural, and DIY fabrication applications.

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9) Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i Welder

Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i Welder

Hobart 5000551 EZ-TIG 165i AC/DC Welder is an incredible welder for anyone who is scared of choosing the perfect welding settings for their welding task. It comes with unique single-knob control and user interface that makes it the easiest and quickest TIG welder to set up and use. All you need to do is power it up, fix your gas, select your material, and choose the material thickness you intend to work on. It is a lightweight inverter-based welder and can be used for aluminum TIG welding and steel Stick welding.

Hobart 5000551 EZ-TIG 165i AC/DC Welder also comes with an HF Start feature that allows the user to start their TIG welding task without contacting the arc. This feature eliminates the contamination of the tungsten and the work material. It also uses about 230V and delivers up to 165 Amps for Stick welding. It also has an Infinite Amperage Control feature that makes it an excellent machine for more exceptional welding processes (especially Aluminum or Aluminum alloys welding). It is an AC and DC welder and can weld up to 3/16-inch thick materials on both AC and DC. 

Weight50 lbs
Maximum Power Output165 Amps
Minimum Power Output10 Amps
Input Voltage220/230/240 Volts
Product Dimensions24” x 10” x 17”
MaterialStainless steel
WarrantyYes (3 Years)

It also has an excellent Fan-On-Demand feature that keeps the fan running when it is needed. Fan-On-Demand feature reduces the dust and debris that is pulled into the machine when it is being used. It also handles and running gear for smooth movement.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Inverter-based, AC/DC Power source
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Fan-On-Demand feature
  • HF Start
  • Infinite Amperage Control


  • Only TIG Function
  • Could overheat

Hobart 5000551 EZ-TIG 165i AC/DC is a superb choice for anyone who wants to start their welding without undertaking any welding learning. It is straightforward to use and perfect for beginners. Simply put: it is the best beginner TIG welder on the list. Go for Hobart 500055 if you’re also scared of manually setting your TIG welder.

10) Miller Electric Maxstar TIG Welder

Miller Electric Maxstar TIG Welder is the last TIG welder on our list, and it comes from one of the best welding machine and accessories manufacturers. Maxstar is a portable, lightweight, and DC output welder that uses Lift-Arc technology to start, unlike most welders that utilize the HF Start. It comes with a multi-voltage plug and two voltage receptacles that allow you to use 115V or 230V power sources without using any special tools. It also features the latest inverter technology that provided superior TIG and Sticks welding performance, including arc starts and weld puddle control. It is designed for stainless steel and mild steel welding.

It also comes with an in-built gas solenoid that eliminates the need to use a large TIG torch that often comes with a gas valve. It has a compact design and can easily be moved from one place to another. It has a simple user interface with only necessary control options. It also has a Fan-On-Demand feature for customized cooling, low noise production, and protection from dust and debris contaminants.


Weight13.7 lbs
Maximum Power Output150 Amps
Minimum Power Output5 Amps
Input Voltage120/240 Volts
Product Dimensions24” x 10” x 17”
MaterialStainless steel
WarrantyYes (3 Years)

Miller Electric Maxstar TIG Welder also has a thermal overload feature that shuts down the machine if overheating occurs. It comes with a power cable, shoulder strap, gas regulator, remote control, Stick electrode holder, Weldcraft TIG torch, and torch connector.


  • Lightweight (can be carried with a shoulder strap)
  • Multi-voltage plug
  • Extremely easy to use and control
  • Can be used across different power zones
  • Delivers sufficient power
  • 3-Year Warranty


  • None

Miller Electric Maxstar TIG Welder is an excellent welder for a wide range of light industrial applications, including process pipe, diary industry, food and beverage industry, kitchen repairs, experimental aircraft, maintenance and repair, and other DIY fabrication welding task. It is perfect for both experts and hobbyists, and it goes for a high price.

You can also check out our top 12 best welding helmet for professional work with Auto-Darkening.

Buying Guide: How To Pick Perfect T.I.G

Choosing the best TIG welder from our review may be an uphill task. However, some factors will guide to make the best choice for your unique welding task and workstation: 

  • Pulse Rate

Modern TIG welders come with a Pulse feature that automatically regulates the pulse current that reaches the arc. The pulse feature gives the operator more control over the time it takes the material to melt and solidify. The pulse rate can always be adjusted, and there is no fixed setting for this. It depends on the expertise of the welder.

  • Foot Pedal

The foot pedal is an integral part of a TIG welder that is used to control the amperage of the welding machine during welding. However, some TIG welders don’t come with one. Foot pedals improve accuracy, work efficiency, and expert productivity. However, you can do an excellent job without one. Some TIG welders come with foot pedals while others don’t come with one dddddkkkSome foot pedals are corded while others are wireless. Pick a welder that gives you the foot pedal option if every other thing is beautiful. 

  • Air-Cooled or Water-Cooled Torch

There are two types of TIG welding torch: water-cooled and air-cooled. The main advantage of an air-cooled TIG welding torch is that you don’t need a nearby water source. However, if you intend to do a precise task that requires patience and more control, a water-cooled TIG welding torch will do the magic. A water-cooled TIG torch prevents your light from getting too hot.

  • Amperage Range

Most TIG welders come to a wide range of amperage across the AC and DC voltage circuit. Some can go as low as 3 Amps, while others can go as high as 250 Amps. It is the welder amperage that determines what thickness of material the arc could penetrate. High amperage will penetrate a thicker material and vice versa. So, pick something that will suit your working materials.  

  • Brand and Warranty

Some manufacturers have better user rating than others. Top brands like as Lincoln Electric, Miller Electric, Hobart, etc. are often more reliable than others. Also, try to understand the warranty package of every welder and know what it covers before buying it.

  • Price

The price of a TIG welder doesn’t always equate to the quality of the welder. It is better to forget about the cost and ensure that your choice is top-quality. However, try to avoid welders that are too cheap. Buy something within your budget based on expert reviews. Sometimes, you get what you pay for.

  • Multi-function or single function

Some welding machines can be used for all welding processes, including MIG, TIG, Stick, and Plasma cut. However, they are called multi-process welders. Most welding machine that is designated “TIG Welder” can also be used for Stick welding. However, a few can be used for only TIG welding. Buying a multi-function TIG welder or a single-TIG welder depends on your needs and welding work station. If you have other welding machines for different processes, and you don’t like various settings adjustment, a single-TIG welder will be perfect.

How to Use a TIG Welder?

Using a TIG welder isn’t something you should fuss about. Let us show you how easy it could be!

  • Choose and Grind Your Electrode

The tungsten rod is the central electrode used for TIG welding. However, other tungsten alloy electrodes can be used. After choosing your wire, grind it until you have a pointed tip. Grinding your electrode is very important, especially if it is a new electrode. The pointed tip will help you achieve a smaller and smoother arc.

  • Insert the Electrode into the Machine Collet

Simply unscrew the electrode holder and place your electrode (the pointed tip should be about 0.25 Inches from the protective sheath). 

  • Choose Your Preferred Settings

Use your control knobs to select your working settings. First, choose between AC or DC voltage input welding. For example, if you want to work on Aluminum (most popular TIG metal), choose AC. Set the “Air On” for about 5 seconds and then selects your preferred maximum amperage. If you’re working with DC (maybe for Stick welding), always choose DC, Electrode Negative (DCEN), or DC, Electrode Positive (DCEP).

  • Turn on the Gas

Turn on your shielding gas. For aluminum welding, it is better to use argon gas. However, carbon dioxide can also be used if you are working on steel.

  • Prepare Metal and Welding Table

Set up your welding table and clamp your workpieces properly. You can spray an anti-spatter so that nothing gets to stick to your workpiece during work.

  • Get Dressed Up

Get your safety kits on. TIG welding is often associated with sunburns and high-intensity light that can damage your skin and eyes. You can wear long welding clothes, hand gloves, welding boots, an auto-darkening helmet or goggles, and a hard hat.  

  • Check Your Electrode Again

Simply do this by holding the electrode in your hand and ensure that it can move freely (without any cord restrictions).

  • Weld

Start your welding!

Is Portable TIG Welder A Good Pick?

Portability is a relative term and depends on the size of the welding machine and the space in the welding workstation. It is always good to have a sizeable tool that allows you to quickly move from one place to another. However, you should consider other tech features of a TIG welder before going for its size. 

For example, Miller Electric Maxstar TIG Welder weighs about 14 lbs and comes with a shoulder strap that makes it extremely lightweight and easy to carry. In addition to these, it can be used conveniently in industrial processes that require multi-positioning welding.

However, it is a DC welder and cannot be used for heavy-duty welding tasks. It is essential to always buy a TIG welder that suit the uniqueness of your welding task and its industrial application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best TIG welder for beginners?

There are many options on our TIG welder reviews for beginners. However, the weld setting is often the hard stuff for most beginners. Hobart 5000551 EZ-TIG 165i AC/DC Welder is a perfect choice for beginners. It comes with an extremely easy to use user-friendly interface that makes it the quickest and easiest welder to use on the review list.

What is the best TIG welder for Aluminum?

Every TIG welder is designed to work correctly on Aluminum. AHP Alpha-TIG 200X Welder comes top as the best aluminum TIG welding on our list. It has a wide amperage range (as low as 3 Amps) and can be used for a fragile aluminum welding task. 

Which weld is stronger MIG or TIG?

TIG welding is often more precise, clean, and more reliable than MIG and other forms of welding. However, different welding tasks require different methods of welding. MIG is still useful, but TIG runs the show in terms of strength. 

Why are TIG welders so expensive?

The cost of TIG welders boils down to quality. TIG welders are made with a lot of expensive copper wiring. Also, TIG welders come with novel technological features that produce better welds. The supply and demand rates for these welders are also high, and product competition also exists. 

Is MIG or TIG better for welding aluminum?

Both MIG and TIG welding are significant welding processes for aluminum materials. However, their welding application differs slightly. TIG is often used for high-quality finish welding and in cases where there is only one welding position. MIG is commonly used for thicker aluminum materials, and it is extremely fast to use. MIG also applies lesser heat to the workpiece and prevents the risk of deformation. However, newer models of both MIG and TIG machines now come with a Pulse feature that gives the welder more control over the arc heat. That said, TIG is best for aluminum welding because it can work well on thin aluminum pieces. 


TIG welding remains a top-notch welding process for all kinds of welding materials. It is used in almost every fabrication industry (agriculture, construction, aerospace, manufacturing, and Do-It-Yourself). It is notorious for precise, clean, and top-quality weld outcomes. TIG is often challenging to learn because it allows the user to hold the welding torch with one hand. However, some of the welders on our reviews are designed with digital control features that make it easy to learn, use, and master. 

The demand for TIG welding has increased in recent times and that’s why we pick these best-selling TIG welder and we recommend you pick Lincoln Electric K5126-1 Welder, and newer products keep flocking the market. There are many TIG welding machines in the market already. However, manufacturers have continued to tweak and upgrade their products. We have reviewed the best TIG welders you can find out there in 2021. These welders are top-performing welders that feature some of the best welding functions you will find in recent times. We urge you to read through our reviews and buyers’ guide before choosing the best TIG welder for your welding task.

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Porosity in welding is the percentage of open spaces or voids in...

By Helen Spiegel
What Is Stud Welding? Blog

What Is Stud Welding?

Stud welding is an extremely versatile and reliable way to join metals...

By Helen Spiegel
What is Ultrasonic Welding? Blog

What is Ultrasonic Welding?

Ultrasonic welding, also known as high-frequency welding, is a process that uses...

By Helen Spiegel
What is MMA (Manual Metal Arc) Welding? Blog

What is MMA (Manual Metal Arc) Welding?

MMA welding is a type of welding that uses small amounts of...

By Helen Spiegel
What Is Purging in Welding Blog

What Is Purging in Welding

Purging welding is a welding process in which an arc is started...

By Helen Spiegel
How to Choose Welding Rod Sizes and Amperage Blog

How to Choose Welding Rod Sizes and Amperage

Welding rods come in a variety of sizes and amperages. Choosing the...

By Helen Spiegel
How Common Are Welding Accidents and Injuries? Blog

How Common Are Welding Accidents and Injuries?

Welding accidents and injuries are common, with the most frequent causes being...

By Helen Spiegel