Different Types of Welding Helmets

Different Types of Welding Helmets

A welding helmet is necessary when you start working in the field of welding. And today, we are going to discuss different types of welding helmets and which one suits you.

Currently, they were creating various types of welds such as soft solder, resistance or electric arc, strong and oxyacetylene. Each one has specific tools to achieve quality work. You must have the indicated torch, gloves, and helmets that protect your eyes, face, and neck from ultraviolet light, sparks, and heat.

Before carrying out a welding job, you must have the appropriate tools. There are several types of welding helmets, and each one has a different function; for example, what is the welding helmet? This Mask is used for those electrical welding jobs and will help you prevent any type of burns.

In 1981 the Helmet helmet was created by a Swedish, and to detect welding rays, it has a shutter that is darkened when using it. The helmet has the advantage of reducing any type of harmful explosions generated by welding. The Mask has a quality material, which resists sparks from hot metal and UV damage, generated by the weld.

Different Types of Welding Helmets

Many welding shops are found in the world of welding, and most have individual welding protection equipment. In the market, you will find masks of all kinds to weld, with a window that is what allows your vision and is essential for that person who does this work. By not using these masks, you would be at risk of serious damage such as retinal and vision damage.

The welding experts recommend that you get some of these masks that they will make known to you next so that you can have facial and eye protection. The welding masks are part of the kit for all workers. If you use a welding protection kit, you will feel safer and do a more productive job.

You can also check out our top 12 best welding helmets for professional work with Auto-Darkening.

  1. Hand Helmet

This helmet is made of glass or polyamide and is one of the most traditional. Inside it has a handle that allows you to hold it by hand while you are welding. Skilled and experienced artisans use it to do minor jobs; it is a mask very easy to find in the market and at an affordable price.

The available hand helmets are:

  • Person – Handheld Welding Screen MOD. 3008.
  • Wolfpack 15040052 – Welding Screen 2905 Hand.
  1. Head Helmet

This helmet gives you more security, completely covers the surface of the head. This helmet completely covers the surface of your head to give you more security. To get a more optimal job, with this Mask, you will keep your hands free, and you can use the welding beads. Professionals use it, because they have the ease of moving the head, thanks to its adjustable head that adjusts with a harness, and you have better circulation.

With this Mask, you will have more support and precision when it comes to handling a welding electrode, and it is one of the most widely used on the market.

The most recommended are:

  1. Photosensitive Helmet

This type of helmet has been on the market for many years, and since then, they have been in great demand. They are specialized helmets for people who do not have much experience in the welding industry. The Mask is designed to protect your eyes from ultraviolet, infrared rays, darkening the shutter.

You will notice that these masks are lightweight, with side windows that will allow you a better vision. This Mask is one of the most popular on the market despite the high price. Its window works with a lithium battery, or also by solar charge, which could even provide you with up to 3,000 hours of use before changing it.

  • ARC TIG Mig Milling Automatic Darkening Welding Cassette.
  • URCERI Sun Mask – Automatic Darkening – 4 sensors, 4 / 5-9 / 9-13 shadow range, 100 * 56 field of view.

Important Factors About Welding Helmets

ANSI Z87.1 + welding helmets are the highest performing welding helmets in the US industry. For added UV and IR eye protection, you should look for helmets that feature auto-darkening. All types of welding helmets can crack as a susceptible material and compromise facial protection.

The welding experts use the hand mask for plucking work, as it is more efficient and comfortable. The head mask is made of vulcanized fibers, and you can use it for continuous laces or very long jobs. And finally, the photosensitive Mask is for those jobs that have a slightly more complicated welding process.

It is not so easy to choose a good welding helmet since in the market you will find a great variety. Choose the most suitable and suitable Mask for you, guide yourself by the characteristics of each one, to select the indicated one. Guide yourself by four important categories so that you can choose the most suitable Mask for you.

  1. Ergonomics

For you to stay away from any accident, you must feel comfortable before carrying out an activity that requires concentration. The Mask that you consider best, cannot cause you fatigue since you must try that its weight is not too excessive. Headgear must be comfortable, and the helmet material must be strong, padded, and lightweight.

  1. Feeding System

The photosensitive masks have the function of maintaining the sensors and the degree of screen darkening. The helmet has self-recharging solar cells, but you can also put a lithium battery in it. The power system has the autonomy to know the value of its duration and thus choose the most appropriate.

You should choose this type of Mask if you want to keep yourself protected from ultraviolet and infrared rays.

  1. Types of Welding

The masks or masks are designed for any type of welding job. There are four basic models, which are used for various types of welding techniques, such as oxyacetylene, laser, flow, and tubular welds.

  1. Darkening Level

Technology advances and photosensitive masks go hand in hand with it. They are capable of automatic the degree of darkening of the screen, allowing you to have a better vision. Experts in the field of welding will be able to work more safely and efficiently, having better ease.

Best Welding Helmets for Darkening of 9 to 15 DIN

To get the best welding helmet on the market, some customers ask some frequently asked questions. Although there is a certain variety of types of welding helmets, the best option is to take the one that can provide you with an effective job. Buy the safest helmet that provides the best eye and facial care. We also talk about AC Vs DC Welding and recommend which one is good.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of welding helmet do I need?

The photosensitive Mask is the most recommended by welding experts because it has greater protection. Its window allows you to have a quality view, screen darkening automatically and is made of resistant material. The experts assure you that the purchase of this Mask will be worth it.

The most recommended helmets are those of solar energy since you will not have any problem when you are doing your welding work. The advantage that you will have is that it will not be necessary to make any change of battery and that it is a light helmet. Your helmet must be adjustable and very comfortable so that it does not cause any type of fatigue and discomfort when wearing it.

How dark should I configure my welding helmet?

The intensity of photosensitive masks is much stronger than simple masks because they are used for more demanding jobs. The mask glass that they use to weld beads or spot welds, is regulated by numbers. The most used glasses are # 10 # 11 # 12 because it tends to darken more when detecting ultraviolet rays.

These glasses will give you the most protection since they gather a large number of photosensitive cells to regulate light. The protector, when receiving infrared and ultraviolet light in a matter of milliseconds, will darken, and you will have the most protection to hide. The operator will have cell quality and a minimum of five amperage coverage for GTAW or GMAW welding jobs.

Do not use the auto-darkening filter if it is damaged by pressure, vibration, or impact.

Do welding helmets expire?

The answer is yes! Its expiration date is approximately ten years, from the moment you buy it. The filter tends to be damaged, and when it receives UV rays, it does not darken, it is necessary to replace it immediately. Experts in the welding industry recommend that you change the helmet every three years, as the sun can alter the protective properties.

Are cheap welding helmets good?

Hand masks are the cheapest helmets on the market. When carrying out welding work, these helmets are a good option because they are not of poor quality. On websites like Amazon, you can find a variety of masks available and at a good price that does not exceed € 10.

Here are some of the cheapest welding helmet options:

  • SACIT 601 HP – Resistant Mask.
  • SACIT 800s – Simple Mask.
  • Polypropylene TECHNICAL – Resistant Mask.

These three types of hand masks are very resistant to a simple job despite having a low price. In the online portals that these helmets offer, they have more variety and options that go with you, take a look. There are Chinese welding masks, from well-known brands, new and used masks, each with different types of characteristics.

Best Welding Helmets for Beginners

In the welding industry, you need a quality helmet that protects you from infrared and ultraviolet rays. Beginners should keep in mind that hand masks are not the most suitable; only experts know how to handle them. A suitable helmet will provide you with an efficient job, and that has a high-quality automatic darkening.

1) Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Welding Helmet

Lincoln helmet is the most demanded on the market because it is the best to work with welding and has quality resistance. You will have a 1-1-1-1 optical clarity rating with C4 technology, which will allow you to see its natural color. The helmet is very light and comfortable, supports excessive sweating, and is ideal for beginners.

2) 3M Speedglas 9100 Welding Helmet

This helmet has side windows, a comfortable harness; it is important to close the windows when welding to prevent burns. Its design is very light, and it adapts to the person’s head with great ease; it calms neck pain thanks to its ergonomic shape. The 3M helmet can be used for TIG through an amplifier, and you have a 3-year warranty.

3) Jackson W70 BH3 Welding Helmet

This helmet is designed for professional people who do welding work and has a high level of lens quality. It has a 3-year warranty, it has 1-1-1-1 optical clarity, but its harness is not adjustable enough. It is not a safe helmet, you cannot weld with TIG, it is not comfortable, and it has a high price in the market, it is a very expensive helmet.

4) DEKOPRO DP-33 Welding Mask

This Mask meets your expectations; it has optimal eye protection that allows automatic darkening in 1/25000 sec. The shadow rating is 16. 1-1-1-2; it protects you from IR radiation and ultraviolet rays. It has ANSI Z87.1-2010 and EN379 4 / 9-13 standards, providing the best security for beginners.


Welders who do not have any welding experience should not wear traditional or passive helmets. These types of helmets do not allow you to place the electrode properly, because you must use both hands. The advantage of traditional helmets is that they have infrared and ultraviolet glass; it is resistant and economical.

To buy a helmet that meets your expectations, it is necessary to take into account the recommendations. Welding helmets are indispensable in this job, as well as welding suits and gloves, to prevent some type of burns.,For your safety, Invest in a quality and branded Mask.

The best brands are, Lincoln Electric, Speedglas, 3M welding helmets, and Miller welding helmets, choose the best one for you. Remember to take all the necessary indications, so that you can obtain optimal and quality work when carrying out welding work.

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