ESAB Sentinel A50 Vs Speedglas Welding Helmet

ESAB Sentinel A50 Vs Speedglas Welding Helmet

The ESAB brand is one of the oldest, also founded by the inventor of the electrode bar, being very avant-garde. This company is one of the safest when speaking of resources, implements, tools, and materials for welding that allows improving the process.

ESAB Sentinel A50 Welding Helmet Review

ESAB Sentinel A50 is a helmet at the forefront of all the processes and technological advances that every welder needs. It is a tool that is extremely comfortable and easy to use that also offers the latest technology without leaving its functionality.

It belongs to this innovative ESAB line designed not only to fulfill its function effectively but also to be safe and quality. Its lens allows for wide visibility; it is made of resistant and quality materials to be safe and have the best characteristics. Read ESAB Sentinel A50 Review here.

This prestigious brand’s products are recognized for offering Premium quality and being highly durable to blows and the passage of time. It also has a lens designed to offer a clear vision with a wide range of 2.36 inches by 3.93 inches.

In the viewing area with this ESAB welding helmet, it is unnecessary to move the head when welding. You will observe with great detail and absolute clarity every point and process of your welding as well as you will also enjoy the automatic darkening.

The welding helmets of the ESAB line have the best shading ranges that allow grinding mode changes. That thanks to the years of experience, we have known that it is really what a welder’s helmet must offer in quality.


This helmet designed to be resistant to shocks and dents, made of highly resistant and fully ergonomic nylon. Its comfort is due to the five adjustable attachment points to offer greater stability when using it so that it does not move.

It is of discreet and conventional design that, in its internal part, has space for maintaining separation between the skin. It has a central joint to be able to move the head when raising the screen, it is light, and without pressure when holding it.


This helmet is extremely lightweight for increased ergonomics and comfort, weighs 1.4 lbs., Allows full vision around and above. The separation between the face and the helmet is wide, so you can move your head without discomfort by turning it up.

It has a large screen that allows viewing 60 millimeters by 100 millimeters allowing a super clear vision. The vision lenses will make you feel that you have nothing on them, the range of colors and sharpness is exceptional; they are unique.

This range allows you to choose between 4 grinding tones and three shades, the darkening is automatic, and the clarity of vision is exceptional. Its lens is convex to prevent splashes from accumulating and easy to change when worn or scratched.

The display is touch and illuminated with an easy-to-use menu to activate its tonality and sensitivity functions without manuals. In the same way, you will have the latest technology, at the best price, excellent quality, and a three-year warranty.

Speedglas Welding Helmet Review

The speedglas line belongs to one of 3M’s range of welding helmets, whose products are all of excellent quality.

The speedglas range is welding masks or masks that cover the UV / IR rays emitted by the welding light. These completely protect from these damaging rays that affect human vision; they are ideal for domestic or industrial use.

The speedglas masks are durable and safe; they are designed to protect the face and neck’s skin, allowing a clear vision. Its design facilitates the use of masks and filters and allows air circulation to avoid fogging the lens. Check 3M Speedglas 100 Welding Helmet Reviews here.

This mask offers three-tone clarity and auto-darkening with rechargeable batteries in sunlight lasting up to 2400 hours. It protects against sparks from welding sparks, and its lenses offer complete vision, including the sides that also protect from UV / IR rays.

It is one of the safest and most durable brands; its lenses are resistant and offer clear visibility by automatically darkening. It is easy to use and can be configured through the control panel without removing gloves or during welding.


The speedglas welding mask offers a wide vision; they have side glasses facilitating the process and handling of the weld. It is designed not only to meet international safety standards but is also a durable and quality product.

Its design is ergonomic so that in addition to being comfortable, you can move around without falling or causing skin irritation. Its rubber supports keep the mask separate from the skin for you to wear masks, and the breath will not fog the lens.

Its weight is light, which allows you to maneuver with it, and its size is practical; it protects the face, neck, and sides. Its harness is adjustable and practical; it gives firmness so that you can work at any time with it raised without having to take it off.


These masks allow you to select shades 5 to 13 and a viewing area of ​​10.7 by 5.4 centimetres. They have a rechargeable lithium battery with sunlight that lasts up to 2400 hours with technology that allows automatic darkening.

It is a visor design mask so that with the support of the comfortable and adjustable harness, you can get up and continue working. Select between 3 shades of light and seven shades in three types of light and maintaining optical quality without visual distortion.

It is ideal when working with TIG, STICK, and MIG, thanks to the selection of shades 5 and 8 to 13. For greater comfort, it has supported the area of ​​the eyebrows that allow separation between the face and the mask.

By allowing air circulation in the breathing process, lens fogging is avoided, thus allowing visibility to be maintained. Thanks to the side windows, the visual capacity and visual field are increased, making the work more efficient.

The optical quality offered by speedglas masks reduces visual distortion by choosing between light and dark shades. The viewing area allows you to do a better job, as does its ventilation system that reduces humidity.

ESAB Sentinel A50 Vs Speedglas Welding Helmet


Talking about ESAB sentinel a50 vs. speedglas allows us to establish that both are products of excellent quality and technological development. Both fulfill the same function: to protect the vision and skin of the face and neck when welding.

ESAB is a welding helmet that compared to speedglas has more technological tools in terms of functions. It offers greater sharpness than speedglas, offers greater shades of shadows, thus increasing visibility and sharpness when welding.

In contrast, it has lenses that are more resistant to scratches due to dropping or welding residues, although both are resistant. Both are lightweight and ergonomic, they are very comfortable, and both are compatible with the use of masks.

Choosing which of the two products is the best is difficult since both have excellent features and technologies. Both are cutting-edge tools to efficiently carry out any welding process and with the best protection and safety.


However, despite being comfortable, ergonomic, and highly functional tools, the ESAB Sentinel a50 is the most recommended of both. This model is at the forefront of the latest technological advances, covers more shades of shade, and adjusts to different lights.

Its functionality and vision capacity is even greater than the speedglas line since its field of vision is greater. The size of its lenses is superior in height and width, allowing it to cover more fields of vision, including the lateral one.

Prestigious and recognized brands manufacture both products, they are resistant to shocks, and at the same time, their accessories are easy to get. Their prices are usually high compared to other brands, but you should not forget that you are acquiring a product of excellent quality.

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