Jackson Safety W70 BH3 Review

When it comes to welding safety gear, Jackson safety stands out from the rest. Welders, amateurs, and professionals alike trust the safety products from the house of Jackson. But what makes Jackson’s safety the favorite? Well, many safety experts are of the view that new material together with state-of-the-art technology and innovation makes Jackson Safety, the trusted brand. The Jackson Safety W70 BH3 well exemplifies this. One of the most popular auto-darkening welding helmets from the hose of Jackson.

Jackson Safety W70 BH3 Welding Helmet Review

The safety hood has been on the top ten welders’ safety helmet list for quite some time.

In this Jackson Safety W70 BH3 Review, we will delve deep to find why it is one of the best safety gear in its class.

So, let’s begin by seeing what’s in the box:

  • Jackson Safety W70 BH3 (one unit)

Well, that’s it! No funky bag or bandana, nor any additional lenses or lens covers, just the central unit.


Simplicity, with state-of-the-art technology, is what sets the Jackson Safety W70, apart from the rest of the welding safety helmets. This super light, comprehensive view, auto-darkening welding helmet has the best of visibility, controls, and comfort.

The following features make it one of the most popular welding helmets.

  • Highest Optical Clarity:

It has safety lenses with the patented balder technology.

The lens scores the highest in optical clarity ratings. Scores of 1/1/1/1 in all the four visibility parameters mean the highest optical clarity, optimum light scattering, minimum angular dependence, and maximum homogeneity.

  • Wide Viewing Area:

Along with a high level of optical clarity, the Jackson BH3 has a wide viewing area of 3.8 x 2.7 in. It ensured a broader and more unobstructed view of the field of operation. It minimizes head and neck movement and eases the welding process.

  • Automatic Darkening of lenses:

With two robust ADF Blader technology sensors, the Jackson W79 senses the changing light density fast. The shade range from 9 to 13 safeguards the delicate eyes from the arc’s intense light. The high shade range also ensures that the lens responds only to intense light and does not grow dark with sunlight or durable bulbs.

  • Transition speed and controls:

The transition from light to dark and vice versa can be swift at 0.00015th of a second. The transition and light sensitivity of it can be delayed or adjusted to suit oneself. The analog control panel with simple knobs enables one to quickly improve the light sensitivity and the speed of the Darkening or lightening of the lens.

  • Power and efficiency:

Equipped with efficient solar cells, it does not require any manual charging.

  • Designed for comfort and safety:

The lightweight of 20 oz. makes this one of the lightest welding safety helmets. The fully adjustable headgear with three customized adjustment points ensures a snug and comfortable fit. The curved design of the hood offers maximum protection from metal flares, making the helmet warm and safe.

  • After-sales service:

It comes with a five-year limited warranty. Unmatched in the class of safety gears. it’s a testimony of the company’s trust.

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It has the following specifications:

  • Safety Standards: EN379
  • Optical clarity grade:
  • Class – 1
  • Diffusion -1
  • Luminous transmittance variation -1
  • Angle dependence luminous transmission- 1
  • Range of shade:
  • Min -9
  • Max- 13
  • Screen size: 3.8″x2.7″
  • Transition speed: 0.00015th of one second
  • Arc Sensors: 2 nos.
  • Cover lens (outside): 4.5in x 5.25in
  • Control knobs: Sensitivity, Delay
  • Battery: Solar cell
  • Cheater lens: YES
  • Hard hat: YES
  • Warranty: Limited warranty for five years
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Pros and Cons

Here are a few pros

  • Optical clarity:

The Jackson Blader technology ensures that the safety lenses provide the best optical clarity. The lenses are free of any visual errors and blur. The curved design of the lenses offers maximum safety and safeguards against fogging.

  • High shade range:

The high shade range enables one to use the safety helmet without worrying about transition due to sunlight or regular bulbs.

  • Adjustable and customizable headgear:

The three points of adjustment ensure that the helmet fits all. The headgear is compatible with other safety gear as well, making it multi-use.

  • Warranty and service:

The five years of limited warranty guarantee a longer lifespan of the safety hood.


  • Limited scope:

The safety hood is not suitable for grind and torch. Thus limiting the scope of usage.

  • Lack of rechargeable cells:

The solar-powered batteries are not backed by rechargeable lithium-ion cells.

  • Test Mode:

The Jackson Safety W79 BH3 does not have a test mode, so all adjustments must be made during live operation.


The following advantages of Jackson Safety W79 BH3 make it a favorite.

  • Productivity: The optical clarity, the full viewing screen, and the efficient auto-darkening lenses minimize downtime and add to the richness.
  • Quality: A clear view of the arc and the puddle ensures greater focus and precision that improves the welds.
  • Comfort and safety: The three adjustment points and the aerodynamic design of the hood, coupled with the full viewing screen and lightweight, are perfect for safety and all-day wear.


  • Does it have dedicated switches for mode control?


  • What is the size of the auto-darkening lens?

Ans: The auto-darkening lens of Jackson Safety W79 BH3 is 10.3 sq. Inches. 

  • Does the Jackson Safety W79 BH3 series have any color variants?

Ans: No


It is one of the most ergonomically designed auto-darkening welding safety hoods with the assurance of Jackson Safety. The Jackson Safety W79 BH3 is built for safe and comfortable welding.