Lincoln Electric Viking 1840 Review

In every cumbersome duty process, the most common thing remains, “Safety First.” Welding is a substantial duty activity that comes with many different types of hazards. These include electric shocks, chemical burns, fire, skin irritations, intense light, and radiation.

There are many safety gadgets that professional welders use to stay safe during welding. One of these safety gadgets is the welding helmet.

Lincoln Electric Viking 1840 Helmet Review

Welding helmets protect the head and neck from chemical burns, weld spatters, spark flashes, and radiations from bright, intense light and UV/IR rays. New welding helmets have auto-darkening filters and novel technologies that exponentially improve welder’s work efficiency and productivity.

The auto-darkening welding helmet is the latest game-changer in welding safety, and finding the best auto-darkening welding helmet may be an uphill task for most professional welders. However, if you start searching for the manufacturer, you will be one step away from finding your dream welding helmet.

There is no better manufacturer to trust than Lincoln Electric. Lincoln Electric is known for top-quality and high-performing welding products and accessories, and Lincoln Electric Viking Auto Darkening Helmet 1840 one of the best welding helmets for any class of welders.

This Viking Auto Darkening Helmet 1840 review will tell you all you need to overcome your intra-personal conflict for a quality welding helmet and buy one. Let’s get started!

What is in the box?

Lincoln 1840 Welding Helmet comes as a very light package, and you will only find four items in its box:

  • Lincoln Electric Viking Welding Helmet 1840 – Check Latest Price
  • Helmet bag
  • Bandana
  • Extra lenses
  • Decal sheets
  • User Manual


  1. Lightweight

Lincoln 1840 Welding Helmet is made from top-quality nylon and polycarbonate materials that make it extremely lightweight and comfortable for long welding sessions. It doesn’t cause the neck strains that are common with most welding helmets. It is also compact, portable, and easy to move around. It is also easy to store.

  1. Large Viewing Area 

Lincoln 1840 has a wide viewing area that gives the welder a full view of their welding task. The viewing area measures 3.78 x 1.85 Inches. It is 16% larger than the viewing area of other helmets in the same class. The wide viewing area also helps the welder to see and choose sensitive welding points.

  1. 4C Lens Technology 

4C Lens Technology is the highlight feature of Viking Helmet 1840. It uses proprietary liquid crystal display technology that reduces the traditional lime green color spectrum in the helmet auto-darkening filters and gives you an innovative blue viewing panel that significantly reduces eye strains. The 4C Lens Technology combines perfectly with the 1/1/1/1 optical rating of the auto-darkening lens to provide optimum clarity and a real color view.

  1. Auto-Darkening Filter

Welding Helmet 1840 comes with a premium auto-darkening filter with two independent arc sensors, and switches from dark to light within 1/25000 seconds. The auto-darkening filter also protects the welder’s eye from intense visible light and UV/IR radiation. Viking Auto Darkening Welding Helmet 1840 has a delay setting feature that allows the welder to adjust the time (between 0.1-1.0 seconds) it takes the auto-darkening filter to switch back to the light state. It also has a continuously adjustable sensitivity feature that adjusts the light-receptivity of the arc sensors. This sensitivity feature allows the welder to work with other welders without unnecessary interference.

  1. Reliable Power Supply

It comes with a panel of solar cells and uses a long-lasting lithium battery to function. The auto-darkening feature of this helmet has improved circuitry that uses less power to deliver more efficiency. Viking Auto Darkening Welding Helmet 1840 will work correctly throughout your welding session, and keep working perfectly for many years.

  1. Intuitive Easy Controls

It has an intuitive control knob for selecting the perfect dark shade for every welding task or process. It comes with a wide range of variable dark shade options from 9 to 13 that can be maneuvered by anyone. It also has two knobs for adjusting the delay time and sensitivity. It also has a “Weld/Grind Switch” external knob.

  1. Pivotal Headgear

It has superb headgear that gives the welder added comfort throughout the welding session. The headgear designed distributes the helmet’s weight evenly and relieves sensitive nerves and blood vessels from the helmet pressure. It comes with extra rear and front pads. The headgear also allows the welder to adjust the eye distance and mask the height of the helmet. The headgear has a swivel feature that allows the welder to raise the front panel above their eye-sight line when they are not welding.

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  • Lightweight and compact.
  • 4C Lens Technology gives a subjective view.
  • Solar rechargeable and replaceable batteries
  • Wide viewing area.
  • Easy on the eyes.
  • 1/1/1/1 Optical classification.
  • It comes with pivotal ratchet-type headgear


  • Have only two independent arc sensors


Viking Auto Darkening Welding Helmet 1840 is a high-ranking product from Lincoln Electric. It protects the welder’s face and eye from harmful light rays and radiation. It very sensitive and switches from light to dark immediately after the arc is struck.

 It is easy to use and control and comes with innovative headgear for maximum comfort. It can be used for any welding process (Stick, MIG, and TIG welding) or task.

It is a perfect safety gadget for general fabrication, shipbuilding, oil and gas, manufacturing, power generation, and other structural industries. It goes for a high price and can stand out as a best-budget welding helmet.

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