Optrel VegaView 2.5 Welding Helmet Review

Optrel Vegaview 2.5 is the welding helmet that brings light and color to welding operations, allowing one to breathe fresh. This review takes a closer look into the features and advantages of this auto-darkening ventilated breathing protection welding safety headgear.

Optrel VegaView 2.5 Welding Helmet Review

The safety hood from the house of Optrel has a revolutionary welding safety helmet, with 400% higher visibility of the surrounding work area and a crystal clear and accurate color view of the arc. It is also a blessing for welders working in closed areas with a lack of clean, breathable air. It guarantees complete protection from smoke, aerosols, and dust. With 240 liters of air at one’s disposal with a touch of a button, lets one breathes.

Before we dive deep into the features and discuss the pros and cons of it, let’s see what’s in the box:

  • Optrel Vegaview 2.5 (one unit)
  • Spare Exterior cover (one pc.)
  • Helmet carry bag
  • Warranty


Sleek and stylish, this is a treat for the eyes. The safety hood, with its dual control knobs on the sides and the safety lenses on the front, blends immaculately with the sleek contours. However, the safety hood is not all about looks.

The following features make it, a worthy contender of the top ten positions in its class of auto-darkening welding safety helmets.

  • Optical Clarity and True Color:

With optical clarity scores of 1/1/1/2 in the visibility parameters of visual clarity, light scattering, homogeneity, and angular dependence, respectively, the safety lens of it, without doubt, provides a clear vision. What truly revolutionizes the safety hood is the Optrel patented True color technology, which permits a broader range of colors to pass through the lenses. It enables visibility of the area of operation in true colors, bidding the standard tainted visibility goodbye. The IV/R protection safeguards the delicate eyes from harmful UV rays and intense flashes.

  • e3000XPAPR: 

The patented e3000XPAPR technology provides complete respiratory protection to the welder. The safety hood has a ready supply of two hundred and forty liters of clean, breathable air that can be released to flow with a flick of a button. In case one is too engrossed in operation, the automatic acoustic alarm goes off when the air level dips below the permissible level. The technology also ensures optimum battery performance and syncs the airflow with the battery levels. In addition to providing complete protection from smoke, dust, and aerosols, the intelligent technology keeps away odors and noxious fumes with its mountain breeze mode.

  • Auto-darkening:

Three advanced Optrel ADF sensors, it is highly sensitive to light density. The shade range of 8 to 12 efficiently safeguards the eyes from the glowing arc. The fixed shade range of 2.5 for the areas outside the focus angle truly brightens the visibility of the work area. The advanced Optrel ADF sensors enable one to adjust the focus angle from 120o to 60o, ensuring greater viewing flexibility.

  • Controls and Speed:

It can go from light to dark in 0.100th of a second. The transition can be delayed with the help of the power knobs at the side of the helmet. The control knobs also enable one to adjust the light sensitivity by turning ON the grind mode. The control knobs also allow the increase or decrease of the focus angle according to the area of operation.

  • Power:

Two CR2032 3V exchangeable batteries power. A pair can last up to 3000 hours of operation.

  • Design

Weighing just 18 oz., this is super lightweight. The hood has a sleek design without any seams or edges, negating the accumulation of splatter. Foam padded headband for comfort. The patented Excenter design ensures that the helmet is centrally placed in an open position.

  • Warranty & Service:

It has a two-year limited warranty then can be extended to one additional year. Spares are readily available with gold class after-sales service.

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These are the following specifications:

  • Safety Standards: EN379
  • Optical clarity grade
  • Class – 1
  • Diffusion -1
  • Luminous transmittance variation -1
  • Angle dependence luminous transmission- 2
  • Range of shade: Min -8 – Max- 12
  • Screen size: 3″x2″
  • Transition speed: 0.100th of one second
  • Arc Sensors: 3 nos.
  • Control knobs: Grind mode, Sensitivity, and Delay
  • Battery: 3 V CR2032 (2 nos)
  • Cheater-lens: YES
  • Hard-hat: YES
  • Shoulder Harness: YES
  • Warranty: Two years limited warranty. One year Extended warranty.
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Pros and Cons

  • Clarity with color:  The fixed light shade of 2.5 makes the visibility of adjoining work areas genuinely bright. A crystal clear view in true colors is truly an advantage.
  • Safety: It provides the best respiratory protection in addition to eye protection.
  • Versatility: With the broadest range of functional areas, this is genuinely versatile.
  • Customizable with Accessories: It is customizable with a wide range of accessories ranging from false lenses to protective leather head and neck covers.

The few Cons of the Product are:

  • The safety hood has a comparatively small viewing area compared to other safety welding helmets in its class.
  • Lack of rechargeable cells
  • The exchangeable 3V batteries cannot be manually recharged.


  • Productivity: The optical clarity, the advanced airflow technology, the efficient auto-darkening lenses minimize downtime and adds to the richness.
  • Quality: A clear view of the arc provided by the crystal clear, correct color lenses, adjustable focus angle, and the advanced Excenter technology that ensures the central positioning of the helmet at any open position improves the quality.
  • Safety: The weight of the hood is light on the neck and shoulders. The shoulder harness, hard hat mount, seamless and edge-free design ensure safety.


It is a sleek, lightweight, and safe welding hood. The advanced airflow technology is a blessing for anyone working in a closed or harmful environment. The crystal clear real color visibility with superior protection for your eyes and lungs makes it one of the best welding safety gear.

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